Wonderful Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Wonderful Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: LED Necklace/LED Stick/ LED Balloon/Halloween Mask/LED Cup
Ranked #1 best sellers in Party FavorsDesign-based customizationCompetitive OEM factoryAnnual export US $8,794,301Years in industry(22)

Q1: How long do the batteries last?


A: Mostly 4-6 hours which is perfect for a party. Since different products are with different batteries, the working time may vary, please check with us for any specific products. 



Q2: Are the batteries replaceable?


A: Most of our products can change batteries, some can not, it depends on the design for the purpose. Please check with us for any specific products.



Q3: Can I get a free sample?


A: We will offer free sample if it is available in our stock.



Q4: Are your products complied with US/EU regulations?


A: Yes, our products are complied with US/EU regulations.



Q5: What audit has your factory passed?


A: We have passed ICTI and BSCI.